How to Solve an Anagram Like a Pro

Oct 14, 2022

Who doesn’t like a little wordplay? If you’re reading this blog, you probably like it. What’s better than anagrams when it comes to wordplay? If you use our Anagram Solver to solve anagrams then you’re already doing it right. However, if you’d like to solve anagrams on your own, we can help you with that too. 

Many games use anagrams like Scrabble, Quiddler, and Words with Friends  Let’s unscramble the confusion with these stellar tips. 

Shuffle consonants

First, segregate the consonants from the vowels and rearrange them. You will find that you can make different words with just the consonants by rearranging them. The more you rearrange, the more the chances of the right word striking you. 

For example - the word ‘paint’. 

The consonants in this word are p, n, and t. You can rearrange them as ntp, tnp, ptn, npt and tpn. Simply expand these words by placing the vowels a and i between them. You can find a lot of words this way. This method is best for games that require you to make words from one word. 

This method is best to teach young kids. They can learn a lot more new words this way. 

Start with suffixes and prefixes

When solving anagrams look for alphabets that could make prefixes and suffixes and arrange the remaining letters after. 

If your word has a suffix or prefix, you’ll be able to figure out the word in no time. 

Try suffixes like 

  • Able

  • Ish

  • Ly

  • Ness

  • Th

  • Y

  • Er

And prefixes like

  • A

  • Di

  • Ex

  • In

  • Mis

  • Per

  • Pre


If you get a word like cherishable, forming the suffix first would leave you with C, H, R, S, H, I, and E, which are relatively easier to figure out. 

Find the common patterns

Believe it or not, sometimes simply staring at an anagram can give you ideas. The English language is not random and some combinations of alphabets appear more frequently than others. For example - ch, sh, th. 

Place the common patterns together and then rearrange the rest of the letters for more inspiration. Separate the vowels from the consonants and keep rearranging them till your brain sees a similar pattern and decodes the word for you. 

Even if you can’t decode the word, never fear because you have tools to help you. Remember the more you practice, the more words will strike you at the right time. 

Employ a systematic approach

The anagram is not as random as it seems. When you put an anagram into an anagram solver tool, it uses this approach to give you an answer. It takes all the alphabet and arranges them systematically till it finds a word it recognizes. 

For instance - a six-letter word will have 6X5X4X3X2X1= 720 possible outcomes. The computer quickly runs through these and finds the outcome for you. Guess what, the human brain is faster than a computer, which is why if you use this systematic approach along with the others we mentioned in this blog, you could arrive at a word at a mere glance. 

These approaches will take some practice, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t figure out the words immediately. 

Start Solving Anagrams Like a Pro

Word games are a lot of fun, especially if you have other word game aficionados with you to play with. It can be a great bonding and learning exercise in the classroom, at home, and on vacations. 

We are rooting for you and making your games even more fun by giving you a little nudge in the right direction till you can become a pro at anagrams!

Start playing now!


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