Psychological Benefits of Playing Word Games with your Kids

Sep 19, 2022

You rarely will spot a toddler with a smartphone in hand. In fact, Alpha Generation is anticipated to become the most tech-savvy generation of all time. According to recent research, children typically spend 7.5 hours each day in front of a screen.

So, why don’t we as parents, instead of ranting and raving, introduce to our toddlers some very knowledgeable yet engaging ways to keep them entertained? Sounds impossible? Not with a collection of word games. Be it Scrabble or any other word game, each one of them can make a significant impact on their mind.

The popularity of word games is increasing with each passing second, and for all the right reasons. They are educational, fun, and mentally stimulating. Your kids can either play it with their friends or alone. It’s fun both ways.

Let’s delve right into the psychological benefits word games have on kids without further ado.

Enhances Vocabulary

This sure comes on the top of our list of benefits. If you want your kid to sprout out big words and also know their meanings, there is no better choice for you than making them indulge in word games.

The fact that these games expose players to new words also makes it helpful for the kids to enhance their game performance with time. If one has a rich vocabulary, it becomes much easier to organize and express opinions. Interpreting and understanding what others are saying also becomes more manageable.

Triggers Executive Functioning

Word games compel children to kick in their executive functioning. The allotment of mental resources allows your kids to come up with rapid decision-making and problem-solving. At the core of every educational board game, lies a challenge for the kids to overcome. They tend to push their mental limits and put flexible thinking into excellent use.

So, when a particular board game poses a problem, your kid will be pushed to devise multiple strategies, weigh their odds of success, and come up with the most feasible solution to win the game.

Improves Efficiency

There is no better way than timed word games to teach your kids to process the information quickly. This will also enable you to challenge their brain to work faster.

Once they get the hang of the games, your kids can learn how to process information with speed while improving literacy.

Word games are not only capable of developing your communication skills but also improve your abilities for extra-curricular activities.

Strengthens Memory

They say that both your long-term and short-term memory need to work harmoniously, and they can’t be more correct. And, by playing word games, children can enhance their working memory.

These games aid in concentration and understanding instructions. These games strengthen working memory, thereby helping kids absorb learning better.


If you are looking for a way to promote a sense of competition and enhance motivation, there is no better way than word games. They even help establish a sense of resilience and sportsmanship.

When your kid plays with their friends, there is a sense of competitiveness you are instilling in them. There is an adrenaline rush, desire, and excitement to win the game.


There are a plethora of activities that consistently focus on challenging the problem-solving skills of your kids. By exposing your kids to word games, you are sure to improve their logical and strategic thinking skills.

They are most likely to think creatively and strategically to solve a problem, be it in the word game or in real life.


Whether you get your kids to play Words with Friends, CodyCross or any other, any word game will prove to be quite a stress reliever. If you are looking for a way for your kids to relax and unwind, word games are the way to go. They can also enhance dopamine production which immediately improves a player’s mood.

Let the Game Begin

There are so many psychological benefits of playing word games that it becomes absolutely impossible to keep them abstained from such enriching joy. Get your kids into the habit of practicing with word games at Scrabble word cheat. Our word generator and other tools are sure to make it easier for your kids.


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