Project Builder/Packager Hosting

So my monkeys need more work to do, they just keep flinging poo at each other. They are offering their time up to you. They will compile and package your scripts for you. The only problem is that they have some conditions.

* It must be able to be complied/packaged under Linux
* They prefer AMXModX or SourceMod plugins, but are willing to consider other things
* Your code must be hosted on some kind of Source Code Management that supports anonymous HTTPS or SSH pulls (or authentication using SSH Key). GitHub or BitBucket are good choices if you don't have one
* Your code must be licensed under a valid Open Source license
* This list may be modified at any time without warning

Some features you get from this service
* It's free
* The build script will be custom built to suit your needs
* Can be compiled against either Release or Snapshot versions of AMXX and SM
* Support for the SourceMod plugin Updater
* Depending on your needs, we can add additional features for you

So, if you are interested in getting more information or signing up, click the Contact Me link and let me know, I will get back to you for more details